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Thursday, August 19, 2010

my job

A transfer memo has been issued recently vide which I have been transferred to Bebejia Post Office as Postmaster. I m a bit stunned. Not for my transfer, but for the pace and secrecy maintained in issuing such off seasonal transfer.For the 3rd term in a row, I am not allowed to complete my tenure without any valid reason. I was not even asked to prefer my willingness either. The transfer order is issued in such a hasty manner that it apparently appears other factors might have worked behind this other than mere administrative grounds. However, I am preparing myself for my new assignment. There is a saying ' without tasting the worst situation, no one can taste the best things of life. Dare to face anything in your mysterious life.' At last my biggest drawback(?) is I am not apt with sycophantism

my colleague
Jayshree Devi, sweet baby. She is homely, always jolly. She is helpful, always faithful. She is easy going, not much ambitious. She hails from Sivasagar, now sails at Nagaon. She has very good sense of humour. She is friendly and very caring. Her hobby is to hobnobbing with her hubby and keep him happy. At last, she is hot n cold - kshane tusta kshane rusta.

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